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Marion, Indiana
along the Mississinewa Riverwalk to Matter Park

Thanksgiving - New Years Eve 

  Information: 1-800-662-9474

The Walkway of Lights begins with the Winterfest festival in November. Over 2 million lights and lighted displays are illuminated along the Mississinewa Riverwalk to Matter Park. Be sure and stop at the Gift Shoppe in Matter Park.

Christmas City Walkway of Lights

Marion, Indiana, home to nearly 33,000 people, is called "Christmas City, U.S.A."  Long known as the International Walkway of Lights, the new name, Christmas City Walkway of Lights, reflects Marion's well-deserved and decades-old nickname, Christmas City U.S.A.  In the mid 1960's, Marion's festive holiday celebration with lights and decorations strung throughout downtown and a splashy parade captured the attention of an Indianapolis TV station as various cities in central Indiana were being scouted for a holiday TV special.  In December 1965, when the half-hour program entitled Christmas City: Marion, Indiana aired, Marion immediately adopted Christmas City U.S.A. as a nickname.  Mr. Richard Erlewine who was president of General Plastics, a company which produces decorations like you will see along the Walkway of Lights, had the "Christmas City, U.S.A." logo copyrighted for the City of Marion.

For years, most of the decorations surrounded the courthouse square.  But with the new Mississinewa Riverwalk, which was completed in 1990 as part of the Build Indiana Project, there was potential to take the holiday magic even further.  In 1991, Mayor Ron Mowery, Mark Erlewine, and a group of interested citizens decided to make Marion live up to its name.  By combining the Mississinewa Riverwalk, the 2.25 mile walkway which is used year around for jogging, walking and more, and holiday lights and lighted displays, the Christmas City Walkway of Lights was established in 1992.  The first year, the walkway was home to nearly 56,000 lights and lighted displays;  this year, the walkway boasts over 2,000,000 lights and is nearly 4 miles long.

Make plans to attend this November and December and enjoy our web site year round.

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